h&f Exklusivinterview – unter 4 Augen mit…Blaudzun

h& f Questions

  1. Have you ever kept something as souvenir from a recording session / studio session?

Not specifically, but I’ve never sold an instrument which I used during special recordings. Every guitar and stringed instrument from my debut LP to now still roam around my home and studios

  1. What’s your artistic approach – what message or attitude do you transport with your music?

I have no preconceived idea for a certain message. Letting ideas flow from the subconscious and then indicate a direction there works best for me. You don’t always have to understand the music and lyrics yourself. Once you do that, it’s dead and it loses meaning.

  1. What do you love about being a musician?

Besides that it’s a privilege to perform and express my stories and myself through music, it is also my way of sharing beauty. Singing my songs is a way of breathing. To be able to do that on a stage in front of an actual audience is what making music is all about. That’s what I love most.

  1. What is the ’special thing‘ of the new record? 

It’s personal, it’s euphoric and sometimes sad at the same time. The record contains intimate songs with big themes and big-sounding songs with intimate and personal stories. The title track LONELY CITY EXIT WOUNDS serves as the backdrop for the entire full-length. The lonely city as a starting point, as a crime scene, as a refuge, as a maze and as a hungry character who feeds on the heartfelt cries of losers and the souvenirs of heroes.

  1. What was the most challenging barrier or obstacle during production? 

When we just started in 2020, the studio had to close because of the pandemic. I then worked for a long time in smaller home studios with various musicians. I recorded the vocals in lockdown, all alone in isolation.

  1. How would you title your autobiography? 

Behind The Glass. A reference to my song Wolf’s Behind The Glass and a reference to my oversized blinkers that always feel like they protect me from the outside world. I can hardly see anything without glasses by the way.

  1. What qualities do a persons need to get along in today’s music business? 

Stubbornness, perseverance and at the same time being honest with yourself and taking your art very seriously, is key.

  1. What’s the most appropriate situation for listening to your new record? 

You might as well listen to my new album on a rooftop terrace with a view of the city, on your way biking through the dunes or with your headphones on in bed. It’s all good.

  • What’s the strangest / unusual place you ever recorded? 

I once recorded a song in the toilet of a strip club in Barcelona. The acoustics were great, but the sound of people screaming in the street ruined it. I never used it.

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