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h&f Exklusivinterview – unter 4 Augen mit…Neal Black

Er hat gerade sein gro´ßartiges neues (Doppel-) Album: Wherever The Roa Takes Me – 3ß Years Best of Collection herausgebracht. Ausführliche Rezension folgt! DIe CDs (CD1: Studio, CD 2: LIVE!) drehen bei mir schon seit vioelen Stunden ihre sehr vielversprechenden Runden…da stellten sich gleich mal ein paar Fragen…Hier die Antworten für Sie:


  1. Have you ever kept something as souvenir from a recording session / studio session?

Yes , I was working in a studio in Texas with DAN BAIRD ( Ex-Vocalist & Guitarist for the GEORGIA SATTELITES ) and every time I had to read something for the music or lyrics I couldn’t see it very well so I was squinting my eyes and Dan noticed that and he told me I needed to get some glasses ,, I laughed and he gave me a pair of cheap reading glasses from the pharmacy that  he had and Voila !! I could see again !! So I kept those glasses as a souvenir of the recording session with Dan Baird .

  • What’s your artistic approach – what message or attitude do you transport with your music?  My Music is very Blues & Roots influenced ,, I’m not a Blues Purist but I do try to use as much of that influence as possible in my music .. The only message that I try to convey in my music is that quality is more important than quantity ,, for example I will take less guitar solos and instead exchange solos with another instrument so that the best parts of my playing are highlighted and not overdone and this leaves space for other instruments to play ..
  • What do you love about being a musician?For me it’s far beyond loving the idea being a musician , it’s even far beyond being a passion for me .. Music has  really become the purpose of my life ,, it’s the reason I exist . It’s as important to my survival as breathing or eating …   I couldn’t imagine doing anything else .. 
  • What is the ’special thing‘ of the new record? It’s special when you are starting the creation of a new album ,, but by the time it’s finally finished and you receive the final manufactured product , well , the honeymoon is over ..  Because so much time is spent in preparation ,, writing and recording that you lose the initial attraction you had for the compositions ..
  • What was the most challenging barrier or obstacle during production? Time & Money ,, It’s that simple ,, If I had more Time & More Money I think I could have done it better ..
  • How would you title your autobiography? “ HAPPY TO BE HERE “
  • What qualities do a persons need to get along in today’s music business? Thick skin and the ability to accept criticism and avoid people that are telling you how great you are ..
  • What’s the most appropriate situation for listening to your new record? 7 PM with a Scotch on the rocks ,, at @95 decibels ..
  • What’s the strangest / unusual place you ever recorded? In a Bathroom of a recording studio ,, only because the hard reflective surfaces of the Tile Walls made for great acoustics ..

What’s your favorite word in the English (or your native) language? “CONTINUE” 

Your last ride with public transportation? The Paris Metro ,, Too many people in too small of a space ..

What’s your favorite way of spending a typical Friday evening? For the past 30 years most of my Friday evenings have been spent playing a concert somewhere on the road with my Band .

The most famous person in your mobile phones address book? 

James Bond  , 007 ,, HA HA !!

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