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  1. Have you ever kept something as a souvenir from a recording session / studio session?

I take a lot of photos in general, and those tend to serve as my souvenirs. I try to document recording as much as possible so that the outside world has some idea what happens in there. It can be quite mysterious. The recording is probably the best memento however.

  1. What’s your artistic approach – what message or attitude do you transport with your music?

Music is the best way I can think of to emotionally connect people, to convey artistic freedom and feelings of empowerment. I see being in a band as a microcosm for the larger picture – a true collaboration and one based hopefully in equality.

  1. What do you love about being a musician?

I love how powerful it makes me feel. I love being part of an underground community that values creativity and expression. Musicians were my guiding light as a young person and hopefully my music can help people too.

  1. What is the ’special thing‘ of the new record? 

The enormity of Drew and my relationship is the ‘special thing’.

  1. What was the most challenging barrier or obstacle during production? 

We didn’t have a band or any label financial support, but we used our limitations to our advantage. We hunkered down in the basement and worked, took our time, experimented a ton.

  1. How would you title your autobiography? 

I would never write an autobiography! The records speak for themselves.

  1. What’s the most appropriate situation for listening to your new record? 

Any situation in which you can play music loud and lose yourself in the sound.

  1. What’s the strangest / unusual place you ever recorded? 

A cave in Seattle.

Hier mein Musiktipp vom 27.05 zum neuen Album der Band:


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